New Marriage Requirements of 2017-2018

Marriage Requirements New Year 2017-2018 - For you who want to get married and are looking tau to take care of Terms of marriage but still confused what are the terms of marriage, Read this article to complete because here I will share information and explain the terms of marriage clearly and palpable.

New Marriage Requirements of 2017

Taking care of the marriage letter is actually easy-easy but it is actually easy to get the most important thing is we know the procedure. Immediately aja yuk refer to the following article about the terms of the latest marriage 2017.

In taking care of the marriage letter is for some people who are busy with their activities is a hassle when in fact it is easy if you want to take care of yourself.

In taking care of the marriage certificate that must be considered first is the completeness of data from each prospective bride who will get married of course.

Cost of Marriage at KUA

Based on PP NO 48 Tahhun 2014 and PMA NO: 24 Year 2014 the cost of marriage is FREE at KUA office for hours and workdays. Also for the affected areas, and for the less fortunate person with evidence of the Disability Certificate known by the Camat.
While the cost of marriage outside KUA offices The cost of marriage is Rp 600,000
What are the necessary conditions for marriage?

Taking care of marriage certificate there are 3 stages : RT / RW, Kelurahan, Kecamatan.
Make a letter from RT / RW according to your domicile. Certificate of local residence RT / RW, FC ID card Both bride and groom, FC Family Card, Statement Letter not married and bring 6000 copies.

The next step is to take care of the kelurahan

After getting letter of introduction from RT / RW The next step is to Kelurahan. This is what you will deal with in the first sub-district bring all the certificates from the RT / RW and other requirements such as FC ID card, KK and Foto.

Background Photos for marriage books

Based on the decision of the director general of Islamic guidance DJ.II / 1142/2013 Number of photographs for the marriage book quote is a background COLOR BLUE.

Prepare Your best photo with size 2X3 and 3X4 each - 6 sheets, with background of blue color.

Your despair will take care of the letter N1, N2, N4.

Why no N3? Because N3 it is a certificate when married to get it after you have officially married, as a sign that the couple has officially become husband and wife.

And the third step is to head to KUA kecamatan

The bride and groom come directly to the KUA Kecamatan to register the Marriage, bringing thefollowing terms of marriage :

  1. Certificate of marriage (model N1),
  2. Letter of origin (model N2)
  3. Certificate of parent (model N4),
  4. Notification of marriage certificate (model N7) if the prospective bride is absent, marriage notice can be done by the guardian or his representative.
  5. Court permit if there is no permission from the parent / guardian.
  6. 3x3x 3x photo for each candidate
  7. Dispensation from the courts for prospective husbands not yet 19 years old and for prospective wives who are not yet 16 years of age.
  8. For members of the TNI / POLRI carry permits from their respective superiors.
  9. Court of Appeal for a husband who wants to have more than one wife
  10. Deed of divorce or quotation of divorce registration books / divorce registration books for those whose divorce occurred prior to the coming into effect of Law Number 7 of 1989.
  11. A certificate of death of a spouse signed by the Village Head or an authorized official who is the basis for filling the N6 model for the widow / widower to be married.

KUA Official Marriage Fee

Official Marriage Fee at KUA is FREE except outside KUA office then Marital cost is Rp 600,000 .

That is the Complete Marriage Requirement in KUA in 2017 the most comprehensive and latest information based on the information I get directly from the kelurahan office, and the local KUA, may be useful.

New Marriage Requirements of 2017-2018